Monday, January 12, 2009

A long day

So today I think has to be one of the longest days I have had in a while. I was up at 6 am to get Anna ready for school and in her chair for the bus well everything was going smoothly until the 300lb frickin' thing wouldn't move, yes I made sure it was turned on and yes I made you tilted it completely forward to reset and yes the brakes were unlocked. I rocked the seat mechanism up and down and side to side and something made it go and that's all that matters. I'm not quite sure what happened next my dad showed up he was throwing Anna's coat on her because the bus has pulled ready for her to load and now her nurse Celia and involved with our unorganized drama and well guess what??? Cars blocking the driveway so i ran out started the taurus and moved it so she could get on the bus. Anna made it to school in one piece and she had a fabulous day.
As most of you know Leigh had surgery last night for a perirectal abscess that was causing sepsis and of course he will not hear the end of butt jokes for a very long time.
Work was fun = toilets overflowed and we had the stench of the last 50 dumps taken in that place. I think we need to make a sign # 1 only.
I'm sure I have more but I can barely keep my eyes open - good night

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